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Brevard Skin and Cancer Center is a team of board-certified dermatologists and experienced medical professionals dedicated to the diagnosis, education, prevention, and treatment of hair, skin and nail conditions. With three locations throughout Brevard County, we make treatment more accessible.

Founded in 1964, Brevard Skin and Cancer Center has been helping Florida residents overcome the dermatological challenges that come with living in the Sunshine State. Our center is also home to a full-service aesthetic clinic with a staff of medical aestheticians to keep your skin's healthy glow year-round.

Skin cancer is, unfortunately, very prevalent in Florida and much of our recourses are directed toward the timely diagnosis and appropriate treatment of skin cancer. Mohs micrographic surgery is offered at two of our three locations, Rockledge and Viera. Sun protection is essential and education is provided to our patients on the best products and ways to avoid the harmful effects of the sunshine.

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